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Explain the electrometallurgy of aluminium.

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(i) In the method Hall- HeroId process, electrolysis is carried out in an iron tank lined with carbon which acts as a cathode.
(ii) The carbon blocks immersed in the electrolyte acts as a anode.
(iii) A 20% solution of alumina, obtained from the buxite ore is mixed with molten Cryolite and is taken in the electrolysis chamber.
(iv) About 10% calcium chloride is also added to the solution . Calcium chloride helps to lower the melting point of the mixture.
(v) The fused mixture is maintained at a temperature of above 1270 K.
(vi) The chemical reactions involvedd in this process are
Ionisation of alumina.
Reaction at cathode
2AI3+( melt)+6e2AIl
Reaction at anode
6O2( melt)3O2+12e
(vii) Since carbon acts as anode the following reaction takes place.
Cs+O2( melt)CO+2e
Cs+2O2( melt)CO2+4e
(viii) Due to the above two reactions, anodes are slowly consumed during the electrolysis , The pure aluminium is formed at the cathod and settles at the bottom.
(ix) The net electrolysis reaction can be written as follows.
4AI3+( melt)+6O2( melt)+3Cs4AIl+3CO2(g)

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