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Two Aluminium rods and a steel rod of equal cross-sectional area and equal length l 0 are joined rigidly side by side as shown in figure. Initially the rods are at 0 C . Find the length of the rod at the temperature θ if young's modulus of elasticity of the aluminium and steel are Y a and Y s respectively and coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum and steel are α a and α s respectively.
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The correct Answer is: l 0 [ 1 + 2 Y a α a + Y s α s 2 Y a + Y s θ ]

If rods are free to expand.
l s = l 0 ( 1 + α s θ )
l a = l 0 ( 1 + α a θ )
Y = F / A x / l
x = F × l A Y if α s > α s
for steel (compression) x = 2 F × l 0 A Y s
= l 0 ( 1 + α s Δ θ ) ... ( i i )
by solving (i) and (ii)
we get
then l = l 0 [ 1 + 2 Y a α a + Y s α s θ 2 Y a + Y s ]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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