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Distinguish between the following
(a) Exarch and endarch condition of protoxylem
(b) Stele and vascular bundle
(c) Protoxylem and metaxylem
(d) Interfascicular cambium and intrafascicular cambium
(e) Open and closed vascular bundles
(f) Stem hair and root hair.

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(a) In exarch condition the protoxylem is towards the periphery and in endarch towards the centre.
(b) Stele is the arrangement of vascular tissues and vascular bundle is a group of xylem and phloem.
(c) Protoxylem is an early formed xylem and metaxylem is late formed xylem.
(d) Inter fascicular combium is formed by permanent tissues and is secondary in origin. Interfascicular combium is present in between the primary xylem and primary phloem of a vascular bundle.
(e) Open vascular bundles have intrafascicular cambium and show secondary growth. Closed vascular bundles donot have intrafascicular com bi um.
(f) Stem hairs are multicellular and help in protection whereas root hairs are unicellular and help in absorption of water.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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