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(A) What is the function of velamen ?
(B) What is plerome ?
(C) What is quiescent centre ?
(D) What is the function of collenchyma ?
(E) What is the chemical nature of cuticle ?

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(A) Cells of velamen absorb moisture from the atmosphere
(B) Plerome is the innermost or central meristematic histogen or layer that gives rise to the central core of pith and primary vascular tissue
(C) Quiescent centre is a central cap-like or hemispherical region of inactive cells present in between the root cap and the active meristematic region of root apex.
(D) Collenchyma is the chief supporting tissue in young dicotyledonous stems. The tissue has capacity to expand and gives a tensile strength to the body
(E) Cuticle is a fatty substance (Cutin) consisting of cellulose lamellae interrupted with pectic substances and cutin