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Name the excretory organ present in the following animals : (i) Earthworm (ii) Centipedes (iii) Prawn
(iv) Star fish (v) Man (vi) Flat worms

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(i) Nephridia (ii) Malpighian tubules (iii) Antennary or green glands
((iv) Lacks excretory organs (v) Kidneys (vi) Flame cells (solenocytes).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Select the correct option representing the excretory organs present in (i) earthworm, (ii) centipede, (iii) prawn, and (iv) flatworm.

    A(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)Malpighian tubulesFlame cellNephridiaGreen glands
    B(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)Flame cellGreen glandMalpighian tubulesNephridia
    C(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)NephridiaMalpighian tubulesGreen glandFlame cell
    D(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)Green glandNephridiaFlame cellMalpighian
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