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2.68×103 moles of solution containing anion An+ require 1.61×103 moles of MnO4 for oxidation of An+ to AO3 in acidic medium. What is the value of n?

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Step 1 To write the reduction and oxidation half reaction
Reducton : Mno4+8H++5eMn2++4H2O
oxidation An++3H2OAO3+6H++(5n)E
Step 2 To find out the value of n
since in a redox reaction number of electrons lost = number of electrons gained therefore multiple oxidant of Eq (i) i.e MnO4 by (5-n) and reductant of Eq (ii) i.e An+ by 5 adn equate we have (5-n) MnO4=5An+i.e(5n) moles of MnO4 will oxidise Ann+ = moles
Equationg the values of moles of An+ actually oxidised =2.68×103 moles
Equating the value of Eq (iii) and (iv) we have 55n×1.61×103=2.68×103or5×x1.61=(5n)×2.68or2.68n=5(2.681.61)=5×1.07=5.35orn=5.352.68=2

Updated on:21/07/2023

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