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An aqueous solution containing 0.10 g KIO3 (formula weight=214.0) was treated with an excess of KI solution the solution was acidified with HCl. The liberated I2 consumed 45.0 " mL of " thiosulphate solution to decolourise the blue starch-iodine complex. Calculate the molarity of the sodium thosulphate solution.

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The reaction involved are
Now of moles of KIO3=0.1214
Now 2 moles of KIO3 react with Na2S2_(3) =12 moles
0.1214 mole of KIO3 will react with Na2S2O3=122×0.1214 mole
Now 122×0.1214 mole of Na2S2O3 s present in 45 mL of the soluton
Molarity of Na2S2O3 solution =122×0.1214×100045=0.0623M

Updated on:21/07/2023

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