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For the following reaction:
The rate law has been determined to be
Rate =k[A][B]2 with k=2.0×106mol2L2s1
For this reaction, determine the initial rate of the reaction with [A]=0.1molL1,[B]=0.2molL1,C=0.8mo,L1. Determine the rate after 0.04molL1 of A has reacted.

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The correct Answer is:8×109 mol L1s1,3.9×109 mol L1s1

Initial rate =(2.0×106 mol2L2s1)×0.1 mol L1×(0.2 mol L1)2=8×109 mol L1s1
After 0.04 mol L1 of A has reacted. [A]=0.10.04=0.06 mol L1
[B]=0.20.02=0.18 mol L1
Then rate =(2×106)×(0.06)×(0.18)2=3.9×109 mol L1s1.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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