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Two tungsten bulbs of power 50 W and 60 W work on 220 V potential difference . If they are connected in parallel, how much current will flow in the main conductor ?

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The correct Answer is:The total current flowing in the main conductor is 0.5A.

Potential difference (V) = 220 V,
Power of bulb 1 (P1)=50W,
Power of bulb 1(P1)=50W,
Power of bulb 2(P2)=60W,
To find: Total current (I)
Formulae: i. P = VI ii. I=I1+I2
Calculation: Since both the bulbs are connected in parallel, the potential difference will be same.
From formula (i),
From formula (ii),
Total current is given by,

Updated on:21/07/2023

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