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A 6 m long wire made from an alloy, nichrome, is shaped into a coil and given for producing heat. It has a resistance of 240 ohms. Can we get more heat if the wire is cut into half of its original length and shaped into a coil? For getting energy, the two ends of the wire are connected to a source with a potential difference of 220 V.

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The correct Answer is:More heat will be obtained after cutting the wire into half.

Let R be the resistance of the whose wire and V be the potential difference between the two ends.
Given that, R=240Ω,V=220V.
For coil of whole wire,
Power (P1)=V2R=2202240=220×220240
For coil of half length wire,
Power (P2)=V2(R/2)
...(As length is reduced to half, the resistance will also become half)
Comparing P1andP2, we can say P2>P1.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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