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An electron which is emitted in beta decay comes out of the nucleus. It is not one of the atomic electron revolving around the nucleus. This fact led some scientists to conjecture that electrons are constituents of the nucleus. Later this conjecture proved to be incorrect. Try to collect some arguments which show that this conjecture is indeed incorrect.

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The conjecture that electrons are constituent of the nucleus is incorrect because of the following arguments:
(i) According to de Broglie hypothesis and Heisenberg's uncertainity principle, if an electrons is to exist inside the nucleus, it should possess energy ranging form 20MeV to 200MeV.
But energy of electrons emitted form nucleus during β-decay is at the most 2-3 MeV.
(ii) The observed values of nuclear spin or angular momentum of nuclei rule out the possibility of electrons inside the nucleus.
(iii) Magnetic moments of nuclie undergoing β decay are much smaller than the magnetic moments of electrons emitted.
(iv) The presence of a few electrons inside the nucleus and others revolving in orbits around the nucleus show dual role of electrons in atomic structure, which is difficult to visualize.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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