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A galvanometer of resistance G is converted into a voltmenter to measrue upto V volts by connecting a resistance R1 in series with the coil. If a resistance R2 is connected series with it, then it can measure upto 1//2 volts. Find the resistance, in terms of R1 and R2, required to be connected to convert in into a voltmeter that can read upto 2V. Also find the resistance G of the galvanometer in terms of R1 and R2

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Let G be the resistance of galvanometer and lg be the current through galvanometer for full scale deflection. If this galvanometer is converted into voltmenter to measure upto V volts, then
Substracting (ii) from (i), we get
or Vlg=2(R1R2)
Multiply (ii) with 2 and substracting from (i), we get
Let R3 resistance be connected in series to convert the galvanometer into a voltmenter of range 0 to 2V then

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