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An iron sample having mass 84kg is repeatedly taken over cycles of magnetisation and demagnetisation at a frequency of 50cps. It is found that energy of 32×104J is dissipated as heat in the sample in 30 minutes. If the density of iron is 7200kg/m3, calculate the value of energy dissipated per unit volume per cycle in the iron sample.

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Here, m=84kg, v=50c/s, ρ=7200kgm3
Volume =mρ=847200=1167×103m3,
Energy dissipated in 30 minutes =32×104J
Energy dissipated/sec =32×10430×60=1778Js1
Energy dissipated/volume/cycle =17781167×103×50=3047Jm3cycle1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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