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A small hollow sphere which has a small hole in it is immersed in water to a depth of 40 cm, before any water is penetrated into it. If the surface tensionof water si 0.073Nm1, find the radius of the hole.

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The correct Answer is:3.7×105m

P=2S/r or r=2S/p

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    A hollow sphere has a small hole. When the sphere is taken to a depth of 0.5 m inside water the air bubbles started coming out from the hole. If the surface tension of water is the radius of the hole is

    A2.8×105 m
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    There is a small hole in a hollow sphere . The water enters in it when it is taken to depth of 40 cm under water. The surface tension of water is 0.07 N/m. The diameter of hole is-

    A7 mm
    B0.07 mm
    C0.0007 mm
    D0.7 m
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    A hollow sphere has a small hole in it. On lowering the sphere in a tank of water, it is observed that water enters into the hollow sphere at a depth of 40 cm below the surface. Surface tension of water is 7×102N/m. The diameter of the hole is approximately :

    A0.21 mm
    B0.14 mm
    C0.07 mm
    D0.7 mm