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Water rises in a capillary tube to a height of 2.5 cm. in another capillary tube whose radius is one third of it, how much the water will rise ? If the first capillary is inclined at an angle 30 With the vertical, then water will be the position of water in the tube ?

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The correct Answer is:7.5 cm, 2.89 cm

h=2Scosθrρg, For a given liquid
or hr=2Scosθρg= a constant
orh2=h1xr1r2=2.5×h(r/3)=7.5cm When first capillary tube is inclined at an angle 30 with the vertical, the vertical height of liquid in the tube remains the same
if l is the length of liquid in the capillary tube, then cos30=h1l=orl=h1cos30=2.53/2=2.89cm

Updated on:21/07/2023

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