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Satellite launch vehicle

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(a) The vehicles with the help of which the satellite are placed in their specific orbits are called satellite launch vehicles.
(b) The working of the satellite launch vehicle is based on the Newton's third law of motion.
(c) The launch vehicle uses specific type of fuel which when burned , produces a gas . The gas expands due to its high temperature and is expelled forcefully through the nozzles at rear side of the launch vehicle. As a result , a thrust acts on the vehicle , which drives the vehicle high into the space.
(d) The structure of the launch vehicle and the fuel to be used is decided by the weight of the satellite and the type of satellite orbit.
(e) The fuel contributes largely to the total weight of the launch vehicle. Thus, the vehicle of the launch vehicle. Thus , the vehicle has to carry a large weight of the fuel with it .
(f) To overcome this problem , launch vehicles with more than one stage are used . Due to this ,the weight of the vehicle can be reduced gradually after its lauching.