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What is meant by satellite launch vehicles? Explain a satellite launch vehicle developed by ISRO with the help of a schematic diagram.

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(i) The vehicles with the help of which the satellites are placed in their specific orbits are called satellite launch vehicles.
(ii) Polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) designed by ISRO is shown in a figure below . This PSLV is a four stage satellite launch vehicle. Each of these stages is detached from the vehicle after reaching specific height . There is a place at the top of the fourth stage , to keep the polar satllite to be launched .
(iii) Amongst four stages , first stage along with six rocket booster engines provides the initial thrust to the launcher. This stage contains solid fuel .
(iv) The second and foruth stage works on the solid fuel .
(v) Second and third stages increase the velocity of the PSLV and help it attain the desirable height .The fourth i.e. , the last stage sets the satellite into its desired orbit.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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