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Show that the relation R on the set Z of integers, given by R={(a, b):2 divides ab} , is an equivalence relation.

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Given as,
R={(a,b):2 divides ab} is a relation defined on Z.
To prove equivalence relation, the given relation should be reflexive, symmetric and transitive.
We have to check these properties on R.
Let a be an arbitrary element of the set Z.
⇒ 2 divides (a − a)
(a,a)R for all aZ Therefore, Rs reflexive on Z.
Let (a,b)R2 divides (ab)
ab2=p for some pZ
Here, pZ 2 divides b − a
(b,a)R for all a,bZ
Clearly, R is symmetric on Z
Let (a,b) and(b,c)R
⇒ 2 divides (a − b) and 2 divides (b − c)
ab2=pandbc2=q for some p,qZ
On adding the above two equations, we get
Here,p+qZ2 divides ac
(a,c)R for all a,cZ
Thus, R is transitive on Z.
Ris reflexive, symmetric and transitive.
Hence, R is an equivalence relation on Z.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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