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A body travels from AB at 40ms1. And from BA at 60 ms^(-1). Calculate the average speed and average velocity.

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Total time taken by the body while going from AB and then from BA is<br>t_(1)+t_(2) =(AB)/v +v_(1) +(BA)/v_(2) =AB [1/(40) +1/(60)] =(AB)/(24) s<br>Totadistancetraveld= AB +BA =2 AB<br>Averaspeed,<br>v_(av) =(2 AB)/(t_(1) +t_(2)) =(2AB)/((AB//24)) =48 ms^(1)<br>Displacementofbodytime(t1+t2)=0
[:. the body returns to its initial
position after time (t_(1) +t_(2))]<br>Averavelocity,
vav=displacementt1+t2=0t1+t20 .

Updated on:21/07/2023

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