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Avinash can run with a speed of 8 m//s against the frictional force of 10 N, and Kapli can move with a speed of 3 m//s against the frictional force of 25 N. Who is more powerful and why ?


Kapil is more powerful.


Avinash is more powerful.


Both have some power.


Cannot be determined

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The correct Answer is:B

Since power = force × velocity,
power of Avinash, PA=(10N)(8m/s)=80W
power of Kapil, PK=(25N)(3m/s)=75W
Thus, PA>PK, i.e., Avinash is more powerful then Kapil as he does more work (80J) per second then Kapil who does 75 J of work per second.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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