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Explain the source of oxygen in photosynthesis

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1. Old concept :
(1) According to old concept, the source of oxygen evolved in photosynthesis is CO2
(2) It is believed that during the process of photosynthesis , CO2 splits into C and O2. The carbon combines withH2O molecule to form glucose and oxygen is released as a by-product as shown under :
2. Work of Van Niel :
(1) Van Niel showed that photosynthesis is a light dependent reaction. Hydrogen from suitable oxidisable compound reduces CO2 to carbohydrates.
(2) He obseved that H2S is used by purple and green sulphur bacteria. These bacteria do not use water in photosynthesis .
(3) He emphasised that O2 evolved by green plants does not come from CO2 but is liberated from water
3. Work of Robert Hill :
(1) Robert Hill (1937) proved that the source of oxygen evolved in photosythesis is water and not carbon dioxide.
(2) Hill discovered that when suspensions of chloroplasts were illuminted in complex absence of CO2 in the presence of a suitable hydrogen acceptor (Ferric oxalate), the water molecule split into hydrogen and oxygen.
(3) The hydrogen released was accepted by ferric oxalate (hydrogen acceptor) which in turn was reduced to ferrous oxalate. This reaction is called Hill reaction as it was discovered by Robert Hill.
(4) Hill reaction can be represented by the following equation :
2H2O+2A Light−−−−−Chlorophyll2AH2+O2
where A is hydrogen acceptor.
4. Work of Ruben and Kamen :
(1) Ruben and kamen (1941) proved that the souce of oxygen evolved during photosynthesis is water .
(2) With the use of radioactive oxygen .18O2 . they confimed that the source of O2 evolved in photosynthesis is water.
5. Work of Dr Arnon :
(1) Dr Arnon and his co-workers in 1954 discovered the presence of a coenzyme in the chloroplasts called NADP (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate) which acts as hydrogen acceptor.
(2) Photosynthesis is now considered as redox reaction as there is oxidation of H2O and reduction of CO2

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