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Explain three main techniques of artificial methods of vegetative propagation.

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(1) The three main techniques of artificial methods of vegetative propagation are cutting, grafting and budding.
(2) Small pieces of plant parts like roots, stem or leaves which are able to develop into new plants are known as cuttings. These cuttings grow when placed in a moist soil. A cutting posseses primary meristem. It is most convenient and cheap method of propagation.
(3) Budding is kind of grafting in which a single bud with some part of bark is grafted on a particular selected stock.
(4) Grafting is a technique of joining together the parts of two different plants (stock and scion) in such a way so that they unite by their cambia and continue their growth as one plant.
(5) 1. Scion : The part of the plant, usually a piece of young stem which is inserted into a rooted stock to produce a graft is called scion.
2. Stock : A plant rooted in the soil on which the scion is inserted for grafting is called stock.
(6) Grafting promotes the physical and physiological union of two different plants for economic advantage.
(7) Grafting is a quicker method of reproduction.
It is an easter and less expensive method of multiplication of plants.

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