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At 298K , the vapour pressure of pure liquid n-butane is 1823 torr and vapour pressure of pure n-pentane is 521 torr and form nearly an ideal solution.
a. Find the total vapour pressure at 298K of a liquid solution containing 10% n-butane and 90% n-pentane by weight,
b. Find the mole fraction of n-butane in solution exerting a total vapour pressure of 760 torr.
c. What is composition of vapours of two components (mole fraction in vapour state)?

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P_(n-butane)=1823 torr, P_(n-pentane)=521 torr
a. Given 10% n-butane by weight = 10g
90% n-pentane by weight = 90g
moles of n-butane=1058moles of n-pentane=9072(Mw of n-butane=58Mw of n-pentane=72)
From Raoult's law,
= 679.84 torr
b. Given Ptotal=760torr,Pn-butane=1823 torr.
Pn-pentane = 521 torr
Let mole fraction of n-butane =y
mole fraction n-pentane =1y
Using Raoult's law, we have
c. The mole fraction in vapour state: χVn-butane=Pn-butanePtotal=P_(n-butane)×χn-butanePtotal
χV is also called as vapour fraction.

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