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With the help of a neat and labelled diagram, describe reflex arc.

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Reflex are : The pathway of nerve fibres along which reflex impulse travels is known as reflex arc. It is always unidirectional from receptor organs to the effector organs via CNS-spinal cord reflex arc is structural and functional unit of reflex action.
Component of simple reflex arc : Simple reflex arc is formed of 5 components as given below :
(i) Receptor organ : It is a specialised part of body called sense organ that receives the stimulus and converts it into the impulse, e.g., skin, eye, tongue, nose and ears.
(ii) Sensory or Afferent neuron : It carries sensory nerve impulse from receptor organs to CNS. Its cyton is located in dorsal root ganglion. Its dendron is long and connected to receptor while the axon enters in the gray matter of spinal cord to from synapse.
(iii) Associated or intermediate neuron : It is present in the gray matter of spinal cord. It receives senosory impulse, interprets it and generates motor impulse.
(iv) Motor or effector neuron : Its cyton is present in the ventral horn of gray matter and axon travels through ventral root. It conducts motor impulse from spinal cord to effector organ.
(v) Effector organ : It is a specialised part of the body which is excited by receiving the motor impulse. It gives proper response to the stimulus eg., Muscles and glands.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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