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BSEB Class 10 Syllabus: Know Subject-wise Syllabus Here

BSEB Class 10 Syllabus: The BSEB (Bihar School Examination Board) has released the syllabus for Class 10 students preparing for the BSEB 10th exams. To access the Bihar Board 10th syllabus, students can visit the board’s official website or refer to this page. Changes in the syllabus are unlikely, as the board typically maintains consistency from year to year. However, any modifications will be promptly updated on this page.

The BSEB 10th syllabus contains essential information, including chapter-wise topics that will be covered in the exam and the corresponding weightage of marks. Students preparing for the Bihar Board Class 10 exams should thoroughly review the syllabus available at for Class 10 and devise their preparation strategy accordingly.

In addition to reviewing the Bihar Board class 10 syllabus for each subject, students are advised to explore BSEB 10th preparation tips to enhance their performance in the examinations. It is also recommended that students familiarize themselves with the BSEB 10th exam pattern, as this knowledge will aid in formulating an effective strategy for answering questions on exam day. The state board provides the BSEB 10th syllabus as a PDF file. The Bihar board class 10 syllabus PDF includes all the topics, subtopics, and the corresponding marks assigned to them.

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BSEB Class 10 Syllabus – Subject Wise

ScienceChemical Compounds
The Living World
Electricity and its Effects
Light and Communication
Natural Resources
MathematicsNumber System
Coordinate Geometry
Algebra, etc
HindiUnseen Passage
Supplementary Textbook
Grammar and Translation
Supplementary Readers
SanskritUnseen Passage
grammar writing
Supplementary Textbook
  Social ScienceIndia and Contemporary World-II
Resources of India
Political Science-II
Understanding Economics
Disaster Management
BSEB Class 10 Syllabus

BSEB Class 10 Syllabus Maths

Real NumbersEuclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm
Rational and Irrational Numbers
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
10 Marks
PolynomialsIntroduction to Arithmetic
Progression nth term of an AP
The sum of n Terms of an AP
Word Problems of AP
20 Marks
Linear EquationsGraphical Solution to Linear Equations
Elimination Method
Substitution Method
Cross Multiplication Method
Equations Reducible to Linear Form
Quadratic EquationsIntroduction to Quadratic Equations
Method of Completing the Square
Nature of Roots Equations
Reducible to Quadratic Form
Arithmetic ProgressionPythagoras Theorem
Basic Proportionality Theorem
Converse of BPT
Criteria For Similar Triangles
Problems with Similar Triangles
Areas of Similar Triangles,
Coordinate GeometryArea of Triangles
Distance Formula
Section Formula
10 Marks
Introduction to TrigonometryTrigonometrical Ratios
Trigonometric Tables
Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles
Trigonometric Identities
Applications of Trigonometric Identities
20 Marks
Some Applications of TrigonometryIntroduction to Heights and Distances
Applications of Heights and Distances
TrianglesPythagoras Theorem
Basic Proportionality Theorem
Converse of BPT
Criteria For Similar Triangles
Problems on Similar Triangles
Areas of Similar Triangles,
30 Marks
CirclesTangents to A Circle
Properties of Tangents
ConstructionConstructions of Similar Triangles
Construction of Tangents
Areas Related to CirclesArea and Circumference of a Circle
Areas of Sectors and SegmentsAreas of Combination of Figures
Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area: Combination of Solids
Volume: Combination of Solids
Conversion of Solids
Frustum of A Cone
StatisticsArithmetic Mean of Grouped Data
Mode of Grouped Data
Median of Grouped Data
Relation Between Central Tendencies
Cumulative Frequency Curve
10 Marks
ProbabilityClassical Approach to Probability
Applications of Probability
BSEB Class 10 Syllabus Maths

Bihar Board 10th Syllabus for Science

Unit Marks
Chemical Compounds25
The Living World20
Electricity and its effects18
Light and Communication12
Natural Resources10
BSEB Class 10 Syllabus Science

BSEB Class 10 Syllabus – Social Science

HistoryNationalism in India
Cities in the Contemporary World
Novels Society, and History
Print Culture and the Modern World
Rise of Nationalism in Europe
The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
Age of Industrialisation
The Making of a Global World
25 Marks
Power Sharing
Democracy and Diversity
Popular Struggles and Movements
Outcomes of Democracy Gender Religion and Caste
Political Parties
Challenges to Democracy
25 Marks
GeographyForest and Wildlife Resources
Resources and Development
Manufacturing Industries
Water Resources
Lifelines of the National Economy
Minerals and Energy Resources
25 Marks
EconomicsIndian Economy and its Development
Money and Credit
Consumer Rights
Globalization and the Indian Economy
22 Marks
Disaster ManagementDisaster Management6 Marks
BSEB Class 10 Syllabus – Social Science

BSEB Class 10 Syllabus English

English Prose3 short answers type questions
One explanation in 3 different passages
Two reading passages with comprehension questions
Use of words
2 long answer type questions
20 Marks
GrammarSentences Correction
Direct and Indirect Narration
Antonyms and Synonyms
15 Marks
Text Book & Supplementary TextbooksQuestions asked from the BSEB 10th Matric textbooks50 Marks
CompositionEssay Writing/ Application Writing/ Letter Writing15 Marks
BSEB Class 10 Syllabus – English

BSEB Class 10 Syllabus – How to Download

To download the BSEB 10th Syllabus, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Bihar Board—
  2. Select the “Student Section” from the homepage.
  3. Look for the option that provides the BSEB Class 10 Syllabus and click on it.
  4. The Bihar Board 10th Syllabus will be in PDF format, covering all subjects.
  5. Download the syllabus and save it on your device for future reference.

BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Subject-wise

Tabulated below is the subject-wise Bihar Board Exam Pattern for Class 10:

BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Science

ParticularsTotal Marks
Theory Paper60 
Internal Assessment20
Total Marks100
BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Science

BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Hindi

Section NameTotal Marks
Unseen Passages20
Text Book40
Supplementary Textbook10
Total Marks100
BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Hindi

BSEB 10th Exam Pattern English

English Prose20 Marks
Grammar15 Marks
Text Book & Supplementary Textbooks50 Marks
Composition15 Marks
BSEB 10th Exam Pattern English

BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Social Science

History25 Marks
Civics25 Marks
Geography25 Marks
Economics22 Marks
Disaster Management6 Marks
Total100 Marks
BSEB 10th Exam Pattern Social Science

BSEB 10th Sanskrit Exam Pattern

Section NameTotal Marks
Unseen Passages13
Applied Grammar and Translation32
Textbook Passages40
Total Marks100
BSEB 10th Sanskrit Exam Pattern

BSEB 10th Marking Scheme

To pass the BSEB Class 10 examinations, students must obtain a minimum of 30 marks out of 100 in each subject. Additionally, the aggregate marks should be at least 150. Below are the divisions assigned to students based on their marks:

  • First division: Students who score 300 marks or more in total.
  • Second division: Students who secure marks between 225 and 300.
  • Third division: Students who achieve marks between 150 and 225.
  • Students who obtain marks below 150 are considered failed students.

Now, let’s move on to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the BSEB 10th Syllabus:

BSEB 10th Syllabus – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I obtain the BSEB 10th Syllabus?

A: The BSEB 10th Syllabus can be downloaded from the official website of the Bihar Board— Look for the relevant section or option to access and download the syllabus.

Q2: Can I get the Bihar Board 10th Syllabus in PDF format?

A: Yes, the Bihar Board 10th Syllabus is available in PDF format. You can download it from the official website and save it on your device.

Q3: Are there any changes in the BSEB 10th Syllabus compared to previous years?

A: The Bihar Board may introduce specific changes or updates in the syllabus for each academic year. It is recommended to refer to the latest syllabus provided by the board for accurate and up-to-date information.

Q4: How should I utilize the BSEB 10th Syllabus?

A: The BSEB 10th Syllabus guides the topics and subjects you need to study throughout the academic year. It helps you understand the course structure and plan your studies accordingly. Make sure to refer to the syllabus while preparing for exams.

Q5: Is the BSEB 10th Syllabus applicable to all schools in Bihar?

A: Yes, the BSEB 10th Syllabus is designed for all schools affiliated with the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB). All schools under the BSEB jurisdiction should follow this syllabus.

Q6: Where is the BSEB 10th Syllabus released?

A: The BSEB Class 10 Syllabus is released on the official website of the state board.

Q7: What are the passing marks in BSEB Class 10 exams?

A: To qualify for each paper, students must achieve a minimum of 30% marks in theory and 40% in practical exams.

Q8: How many subjects are there in Bihar Board 10th?

A: Bihar Board 10th students must study five compulsory subjects and one optional subject. It is essential to pass all five compulsory subjects.

Q9: What topics require more attention for better preparation for the BSEB 10th exam?

A: To achieve better results in the BSEB 10th exam, focusing on the entire BSEB 10th syllabus rather than just specific topics is crucial. While certain topics may be considered important, it is important to remember that questions can be asked about any topic. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to studying the entire syllabus is recommended.

Q10: What are the benefits of downloading the Bihar Board 10th syllabus?

A: Downloading the BSEB 10th syllabus provides several advantages. The syllabus outlines the chapter-wise topics for each compulsory and optional subject, allowing students to understand which areas the exam questions will be based on. Students can better track their overall exam preparation progress by being aware of the syllabus.

Q11. From where can I find BSEB Class 10 Syllabus and exam pattern?

A. The state board releases all the information and curriculum on its official website.

Remember, it is always recommended to visit the official Bihar Board website or contact the board authorities for the most accurate and updated information regarding the syllabus.

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