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Which is greater: (3)/(5) of (...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`(3)/(5)` of `(1)/(4)``(2)/(7)` of `(5)/(8)`Both are equalCannot be determined

Answer : B
Solution : `(3)/(20) lt (5)/(28)`.

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hello questions which is Greater 3.5 or 1 by 4 or 2 EP 758 online first of all we will check what is the value of 3.5 1 by 4 so all the another is 2.7 or 187 simplify 3.5 of will be replaced by multiply sign and parallel he will solve this 2.7 of replaced by X upon it so here we will it now 313 and 540 20 year is this is milk will be calculated with four times fire And upon 7 into 4 letters 28 now here

women change into the like fraction how can we change will take in all the LCM of 20 and 28 for finding the LCM of 20 and 28 we will take in all the prime factor of prime factor of 27 prime factor of 20 this is 2 into 24 and 25 constantly and 28 January 3 22 aur in 27 ok so I will be handsome of LCM of 20 and 28 taken out the each prime factor which is highest tax dancer 2 into 2 that is 4 and here 5 x 7 so this is become 14720 will be asked him now hear this can be written as per the 20

which number will multiply this become 147 and 3 x 7 and there are also 28 5 and 5 also X ok 21 dresses 140 and 25 Anderson 144 are you can see that this is like a question which is greater than which fashion is called the greatest it in this two factions that Neta 2526 we can say that this is 21 EP 1140 less than 25 140 Elite or we can say that 3.20 Aslam from 5.28 this is the final answer this question in queue

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