What is the probability of getting a sum of 7 when two dice are thrown ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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The outcomes of the rolling of a pair of dice can be more readily understood by assigning
colors to the dice (e.g ., one red , one green ). An outcome of throwing aa pair of dice can be
represented by an ordered pair , where the first element is the side of the red die fecing up,
and the second is the side of the green die fecing up . Thus , (32) signifies a 3 on the red die
and a 2 on the green, while (23) signifies 2 on the red 3 on the green . Since there are ltbr> six feces on each die , there are 6×6=36 possible outcomes in the same space . the
outcomes that have a sum of 7 are (61). (16), (52) , (25) , (43) and (34) . Therefore , the
probability of getting a sum of 7 is 636=16
Probability questions can also be asked about two events A and B . Questions on the Math
Leval 2 Test cover the following three ways of combining two events
P(AB) , the probability of either A or B occurring . where AB is called the disjunction
of A and B
(PAB) , the probability of A occurring , givne that B has occurred . This is called conditional
P(AB) , the probabilty of both A and B occurring , where AB is called the conjunction
of A and B
If two event have no outcomes in common , they are called mutually exclusive , and P(AB)=
P(A) + P(B) . If two event no outcomes in common , these outcomes would be double counted ,
resulting i the more general formaula P(AB)=P(A)+P(A)P(AB) . Note that A and B are
mutually exclusive if and only if P(AB)=0 .


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the questions given here what is the probability of getting a sum of 712 dice are thrown now let's take the variables X and Y to denote the number is come upon both the die so the number one by one is denoted by X and Y denotes the number on die to now die one can have 6 possible outcomes from 126 similarly it can have 6 possible outcome therefore the total number of possible outcomes when two dice are thrown is 6 into 6 Kuchh 36 now this 36 outcomes can be written as 11 which mean one on die one and one and I do then 1
213 and so on until 666 on the one hand six on the two now out of these out of these 36 possible outcomes the favourable outcomes are those which satisfy X + Y = 7 write the sum of the dice is 7 no different outcomes are 16 right 12672 534432 and 61 right there are 6 probability of an event is favourable outcome
by total number of outcomes the favourable outcomes are 600 total number of outcomes 36 Dekho the probability that is 636 or 1 by 6

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