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Two dice are thrown . Event A ...

Two dice are thrown . Event A is " the sum of the two dice is 7" and Event B is " at least <br> one die is 6. " Are A and B inependent ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : From Example ` C, P(A) = (6)/(36)` . Event B incules (1 and 6) , (2 and 6) ,.., 96 and 6) , <br> (6 and 1), (6 and 2),…,(6 and 5) , so ` P(B) = (11)/(36)` . Only the two throws (6 and 1) and <br> (1 and 5 ) are in the event ` A|B, so P(A|B) = (2)/(36) , P(B)P(A) = ((1)/(36)) ((6)/(36)) = (11)/(216) ne (2)/(36) ` . so <br> A and B are not independent .


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the question is also an event is the sum of two dice is 7 and event b is at least one of the die is 6 rnb independent so first what what will be what will be used to check whether these are independent or not Shuddh property will be using here if A and B are independent events then the probability of a intersection b or event a and even be occurring is simply the product of their individual properties are so if there are if they are indeed

independent events then this property will be satisfied if they are dependent events then this property want the certified which means we'll get probability of a intersection b not equal probability of a Kintu property of this property to check whether they are independent or not so we need to find these three properties near in order to check this find the probability of event event event that the sum of the two dice is 7 so the sum 7 8 week and have a total of six favourable outcomes right suppose X and Y is used to denote the outcomes of the to tie dyed X denotes the outcome of the first day and why did not the outcome of the second the number one the first time

second hand sure the favourable outcomes are 1625 and 384435 tomato and 68 there there are a total of 6 available only for event b&b is events at least one of the day is 6 right to at least one is 6 read this article has won its first keep one of the outcomes are 6 Android all possibilities then will change to the other two first year 1626 36

Pokemon sex and 66 next we have the opposite so we have 61 62 63 64 65 and you already have 66 so you won't be repeating that again to the total number of favourable outcomes for event be the source for event a this is for you don't be so the total number of favourable outcomes for event B is a 5 year 11 block now probability of a will be number of favourable outcomes by total number welcome in total number of vacancies 36 to the road so we have 6 by 36 which is equal to 1 by 6 right next Tandav

comedy of B 1136 this condition for the next we need to find out the probability of a intersection b intersection is basically anything any of these items which are common in both A and B throw from your I can 16 and 61 is also present in both a and b none of the Other outcomes are common in the both in both of these and so the number of favourable outcomes for a intersection b is to add only two of these are common and goes out of a total of 36 outcomes is equal to 1 by 3 right now

we need to check all three of these values in this equation so we get on the left hand side equal to 1 writing on the right hand side Gear on by six times on 36 sorry 11368 so 1 by 3 items right as to buy 36 as you already had and the as right as soldiers CRS Canada 11 by 6 x 36 I just want this to again I can multiply by to the numerator and denominator and get 11 by 12

x 36 a lhs and RHS e36 both but X 236 we have one here rate x 1000 change the number well here we have 11:12 which is smaller than one and not equal to 18 Udaipur Bihar NHS not equal to Rs rights and therefore we can say according to this property that Birthday to be independent events this property would have been satisfied but then this property is not satisfied we can conclude that A and B are not independent Bank

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