The number of solution of the equation sin2θ2cosθ+4sinθ=4[0,5π] is equal to 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6


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I have to find the number of solutions of the equation sin 2 Theta - 2 cos theta + 4 sin theta is equal to the equation which time to minus cos theta + sin theta is equals to 4 now X into cos theta + 4 = 0
distance from to outside then it will become cos theta + 2 and from -2 outside then it will become 2 + cos theta is equals to zero then we can take cos theta is equal to zero now we will liquid both X + 2 is equal to zero from here we get cost
since we know that cos theta lies between -1 and 1 the this can this case can not be possible right now 02511 round from 0 to 1 solution then
from 25 to 48 value 1 at 25 + 55 and after scientist value at 45 + 5595 12 solution equation
thank you

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