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Class 12






Algebra Of Matrices


The number of possible matr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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to lete question in which the number of all possible matrices of order 3 copy to be happy to calculate the value of possible measures of ficus with each other then we have to have to correct to the correct option the first option is 92780 one and none of these so Pokemon we can form 1 a tree of order 3 cross free so let a equal to a equal to 8 11 a1278 21 22 23 31 32 it's so here we have the matrix of order

3 class 3 so as to question question is say that each and every element like giving me Naino all these 9 elements can be either 2 or 0 means there are two that is 240 for each and every so we have to calculate all the possible IT services number of law number WhatsApp mattresses equal to direct to up that is to give the total number of elements 3 cross 32512 is not given the option to the options the correct answer D option is a correct answer

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