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If I=[1001] , J=[0110] and B=[cosθsinθsinθcosθ] , then B equals a) Icosθ+Jsinθ (b) Isinθ+Jcosθ (c) IcosθJsinθ (d) Icosθ+Jsinθ

Video Solution

Step by step video & image solution for If I=[(1 ,0),( 0, 1)] , J=[(0, 1),(-1 ,0)] and B=[(costheta,sintheta),(-sintheta,costheta)] , then B equals a) Icostheta+Jsintheta (b) Isintheta+Jcostheta (c) Icostheta-Jsintheta (d) Icostheta+Jsintheta by Maths experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.