The internal dimensions of a box are 1.2 m. 80 cm and 50 cm. How many cubes each of edge 7 cm can be packed in the box with faces parallel to the sides of the box. Also, find the space left empty in the box.



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Updated On: 15-5-2021

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Answer :
1309 ; 31013 ` cm ^(3)`



00:00 - 00:59internal dimensions of boxes are 1.2 M 80 cm and 15 cm how many cube each of age 7 cm can be packed in a box with faces parallel to the side of box also find the space left empty in the book so let's suppose we have taken the box now we have to find the space left empty of box when the cube of each of CM will be placed so let's suppose this height area 50 cm and this is 1.2 M means 120 cm and this is it so now it took the rectangle side and and when we
01:00 - 01:597 cm along it it along it even we along ITI than 11 in if you 11 2777 will cover from of 80c and along if you along 180 then the 17 into 7 which is 199 CM of 120 CM so it means it means cube this and in this form will be 11 cubes and this form 17 cubes it means from 182 1122 into it will be
02:00 - 02:5917 into 11 will be 187 cube will be placed on the base layer and when we calculate is a height the height given is 50 so 7 into 7 which is 49 CM of 50 cm so this will place it means 7q place in height so it means now the total cube of CM is 11 into 17 into 7 equal to 13 01309 cubes will be placed in this box of 7cm the number of cube is this so as according to the volume
03:00 - 03:59volume of box is B L into b into H and this is 12880 in 250 which is 48 123401 we calculate this is the volume of rectangular box and volume of this cube volume of cubes will be number of cubes 31309 in 272727 same height simrat same length then it will be the 4489 87 cm cube so therefore now the left this is the total volume of cube and this is the total volume of rectangular base
04:00 - 04:59for for left space for left space for left space in a rectangular box - 48000 volume of rectangular - volume of cube we get 310 13 cm square therefore number of cubes is number of cubes is 1309 and place left space left is this so this is a answer

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