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Class 11






Conic Section


The equations of the parabolas...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `y^(2)-2y-8x-39=0`

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the equation of the parabola the extremities of hoof latest rectum are 35 and 3 - 3 so we will drop the points on the support from their 35 will be here and 3 - 3 will be so either parabola will be like this for it will be like this and the latest rectum will be like this ad points of latest rectums are given here so it is clear from the figure that latest rectum is parallel to the y-axis and its fact is that if passing through it but I will be parallel to the x-axis so we will right here letters rectum is parallel to y axis

axis is parallel to x-axis at your we know that latest rectum is 4 times of a so we will find the distance between the points this distance is the length of the letters rectum so latest rectum will be equals to root over X2 - X that is 3 - 3 whole square + Y2 -512 from you will get 5 - of -3 that is it so we will write your 5 - of -3 whole square from here to letters will be caused to this will be zero it will be 8 whole square of it will be it which will be cost 24 a now we will support the vertex of the parabola

so let it be its vertex so equation of the parabola we can write equation of parabola it will be Y minus C whole square is equals to 4 way into x minus edge this equation number first now 53 - 34 we will right here at this point that is 3/5 and 3/4 satisfy this equation for putting this point so we will get 5 whole square is equals to 4 a into 3 -

this point 35 now putting this point 3 - 3 we get - 3 - a whole square is equals to 4 way into this is a question about this equation is second equation this equation is third equation now even for this on dividing we can write on dividing equation number 2 and equation number 3 that is this equation and this equation we get we will write five whole square upon that is from here we get -3 that is three plus ke whole square we can write this it is now which will be caused to dividing 4 upon 3 minus 3 and 4 upon 3 minus 3 get 1 week and cross multiply this equation for we get

whole square is equal to 3 + b whole square now following this we will right here that if 5 minus 3 is equal to 3 + ke it will be 5 - ke is equal to 3 + ke so from here we can calculate the value of k that is ke will be close to one that is this ke will be shifted your feet will be 2K and 5 - 3 will be 24 2.2 will be one so we get the value of k S1 not putting this ke is equal to 1 in equation number to that is this equation 5 minus one that is four square is equals to 4 and the value of forests that is 84 we will put here for four square is equals to 8 into 3 - so from where we can get the value of h this it is shifted to the denominator of

from where we get it value 16 a point that is to 2 is equals to 3 minus on shifting 3 to the left hand side we get 2 -3 that is minus 1 is equal to minus Aaj so we get the value of HF h will be caused to 14 we get the value of k and h as 11 now we will put this value of hnk Hindi situation number 14 Y - ke that is why minus 1 whole square is equals to 4 is 8 into x minus 1 so this is the equation of the required for this is a answer thank you

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