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y2+2yx+5=0 represents a parabola. Find its vertex, equation of axis, equation of latus rectum, coordinates of the focus, equation of the directrix, extremities of the latus rectum, and the length of the latus rectum.

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We have y+2yx+5=0
or x=y2+2y+5 (1)
(y+1)2=(x4) (2)
This is parabola having vertex at A(4,-1) and axis parallel to x-axis having equation y=1=0.
Equation of tengent at vertex is x-4=0.
Also, coefficient of y2 in (1) is positive.
So, parabola opens to the right.
Comparing (2) with (yk)2=4a(xh), we have 4a=1ora=14.
Thus, length of latus rectum is 1 unit.
Focus is on the axis at distance a units from the vertex.
Also, equation of directrix is x=4!4orx=154.
Ends point of latus rectum lies on either side of focus at distance 2a units on the katus rectum line.
Thus, end points of latus rectum are (174,1±12)(174,12)and(174,32).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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