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Applications Of Derivatives


The equation of the straight l...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`x= pm sqrt2(y-2)``x=pm sqrt3(y-2)``x=pmsqrt2(y-3)``x=pmsqrt3(y-3)`

Answer : A
Solution : `x=2t^(3), y=3t^(2)` <br> `therefore" tangent at t is "x=yt=-t^(3)` <br> and normal at `t_(1)` is, `xt_(1)+y=2t_(1)^(4)+3t_(1)^(2)` <br> Since both equation represent same straight line, <br> `(1)/(t_(1))=-t=(-t^(3))/(2t_(1)^(4)+3t_(1)^(2))` <br> `rArr" "t^(6)-3t^(2)-2=0 rArr t^(2)=2 rArr t=pmsqrt2` <br> `therefore" lines are "x= pm sqrt2(y-2)`

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in this question we have to find the equation of the straight lines which are both tangent and normal to the curve 27 x square is equals to 4 why so firstly we will let X will be 2tq and why will be 3T so hair will get points of X and Y with 20 cube and 3T now father differentiating these both separately we get DX by DT is equal to 60 square and their it gets the Vibe Aditi is 660 now for finding the slow DY by DX DY by DX by DT 60 upon 60

Square show cancels this cancel this item is on why so here we are find the the slope show the equation form is Y minus y is equals to DY by DX and 2 x minus now you know why - Y1 is a found 3D square Dua bataiye access one by one x minus x minus 2 t u so solving this it becomes Y - 3 x square is X by 3 - 2T cube by Sohail this cancel this and it remains Y - 3 x

square is equals to x b t - 2T and their outcomes Y is equal to x square - 2 X square + 3 square now and this becomes a x b + c square so give this equation 1 now so you are sold the slope of tangent now slope of normal will let this as q and as you know slope of normal and slope of tangent is perpendicular to each other by product should be equal to -1 so as you know slope of tangent wear today have won by it so that product should be -3 as you know their product is -1 since they are perpendicular so Q is

equals to minus 3 so according to this putting this points so what we get to Cube cube and 3 q square so now the equation from which is why minus 1 is equal to 2 into x minus x 1 now so as to g y - 3 q square is equal to DY by DX is cube as you know it is also equals to minus Q since we have used this points so it is minus q and 2 x minus q q q so here it is combined - 3 q square is equals to minus q x + 2 Furious power 4 x y is equals to minus 2 X + 4 + 3 q square

is this equation number to now equating 1 and 2 equation what we get xy + Y square is equals to minus x + 2 q raise to power 4 + 3 q square now comparing both coefficients we get first company in this excursion virtual get one way it is equals to minus as you know this is right since we found out that the slope is 1 by AT&T is and since their product is -1 since there are perpendicular to each other so this is true and now finding this was a square is equals to 2 q rest before plus 3 q square so in this week and it value as -1 why

you whole square from this and this is to raise to power 4 + 3 q square this becomes 1 by Q square is equals to 2 Furious 24 + 3 q square now multiplied to give rise to power 6 plus 3 q Rishu Babu and this - 1 is equals to zero now factor is recognising this equation when we get your + 1 whole square and Square - 1 is equal to zero so we see that if we put is equal to zero it is not possible the value of value of Q show shooting desi girls 072 Q square minus 1 is equal to 0 to 100 + 1 and use variables to 1 by 2 and q is equals to plus minus 1 by root

2 value of cube now now question you to find the equation of line so putting this points in any of the equation sofa putting in equation 1 which is x b + c square so now what it gets X upon we can write this as route to sense sense as you know minus 2 is equals to 1 by it so we can write this t is equals to root to show and + 3 square which is root 2 whole square suggest x x square root 2 + this is too and that it comes to putting this equation

sense this is equals to Y and x square root 2 + X since it is equation of line so now I'm leaving this we get x is equal to dash minus root 2 into 5 - so this comes the equation of straight line so the option first is the correct answer

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