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Pair Of Straight Lines


The combined equation of three...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : 1,4
Solution : The separate equations of the sides are `x-y=0,x+y=0and 2x+3y-6=0` . The point (-2,a) moves on the line `x=-2` and the point (b,1) moves on the line `y=1` . From the figure , the y- coordinates of the points of intersection of `x=-2` with `y=-xand2x+3y=6` given the range of values of a . The x - coordinates of the points of intersection of `y=1` with `y=-xand y=x` give the range of values of b. <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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hello student today question is the combined equation of the three sides of the triangle is x square minus y square into 2 X + 3 Y - 6 equal to zero is if -2 kam Aaye East interior point and become a one is the exterior point of a triangle there just to prove which is the of which option is correct ok storage scrap so this is the x and y axis ok this exact y axis near -2 year the given coronavirus -2 2012-2013 I am going to Vikas -2 to a given point So -220 ok student now now I am going to take equation here ok I don't hear ok student x square

y square into 2 X + 3 Y - 6 equal to zero ok student and going to write on this equation as x minus y and X + Y + 22 X + 3 Y - 6 in 2008 he Chale 2 July 2008 so why you think X equal to y I am going to draw the line here for this is equal to minus 2 and go to draw this light Y equal to minus x line same as this one is this line is equal to 2 X + 3 Y - 6 equal to zero this line and this line equal to save Y equal to X

ok so this is line I draw ok ok now this is the point So this two line this one is minus 1 equal to one become a want this is given this one is the light -2 kam it is given ok student -2 come now by the given point -2 Kama Steel exterior ok to come my way is the interior and became a one is the exterior ok so to come IST interior point to come IST interior India point and the comer one is the exterior

point ok student now by using this I am going to solve this so this is the light to this point we are integrating this one so this point this point so this is -2 come to ok bye because I am going to Saraswati value here ok this 2 X + 3 Y - equal to zero and electricity value to minus 24 x value so minus 2 into 2 + 3 Y - 6 equal 200 - 4 - 6 equal to minus 10 - 3 + 3 Y equal to zero is equal to 1 by 3 + vehicle 10 by 3.2 dis it is equal to -2 this point is -2 kam

10 by 3.1 km to do this work we will find here so this is so using this line so this is the interior what so the way he belongs to to come over 10 B three point ok students and become one is the interior point which is intersect so this is the point which is both are intersecting right to this point is equal to -1 come on this point this point is one Come Away ok so therefore the point belongs to is be belongs to -1 comer 110 - 11 ok so this is the interior and exterior Part 2 of 2 so this is equal net A and B

so why by seeing the option evalu yaar evalu call to action HD Aunty Police -1 -1 b is less than -1 and greater than + 1 get 1 and -1 hour less than plus one option d is the correct posture and D correct ok thank you


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