Suppose y= In x. Describe the graphs of y=- In x and y = In (-x).

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
As shown in the graphs below, the graph of y=-In x is the reflection of the graph of y= In x about the x-axis, and the graph of y= In (-x) is the reflection about the y-axis. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BAR_SAT_MAT_L2_C12_SLV_005_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Traslations, stretching/shrinking, and reflections can be combined to produce functions. Vertical transformations occur when adding, multiplying, or negating takes place after the function is applied (i.e., to y). The order in which multiple vertical transformations are executed does before the function is applied (i.e., to x). Unless an order of transformations is specified, these transformations must be taken in the following order: reflect, change the scale, then translate. Moreover, the scale factor `|a|` must be factored out of a translation.


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support Y is equal to login describe the graph of y is equals to minus log X and Y is equal to log off -6 Hair Clinic signify the natural law that is the law of sticking to the base of the exponential constant eat before a beginning with the graphs of minor unlock of -6 we should first know what the graph of log x look like so here is a sample taking the X and Y Axes the graph of log look somewhat like this which intersects the x-axis at the point 1 now for the graph of y equal to minus log be used where is the transformation technique when effect is transformed into minus of FX so

we just do thing that is B take the image of Y is equal to FX in the x axis as a plane mirror Patni Aur in AB we could say at with turn the graph 180 degree about x axis so if we use this technique graph of Y is equal to minus Norway food somewhat look like that means it is just a mirror image of the graph of log it will again intersect x axis at the point 1 similarly if

I have to take the transformation effects course to F of -1 in this transformation similar thing is done that is we take the image of Y is equal to FX about the y axis another word with term the 180 degrees about the axis so the graph of f of mines X will would somewhat look like and I will somewhat look like a the mirror image of this craft along the wire that is it will somewhat look like this and this time this point it -1 and

basically by having the knowledge about the graph of log x can easily plot two graphs of - logit and log of mine

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