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Suppose line segments A B\ a n...

Suppose line segments `A B\ a n d\ C D` intersect at `O` in such a way that `A O=O D\ a n d\ O B=O C`. Prove that `A C=B D` but `A C` may not be parallel to `B D`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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students in this question it is given as the line segment ab and CD intersect at O such a way that is equal to body and is equals to prove that AC is equals to be but AC may not be parallel to BD letters to this question the first letters from the lines this is my line ab and this is my lines CD and sofas letters name them ok so this addresses and letters also join AC and this is my line AC this is my life ok so here it is given that a is equal to OD and ab is equal to

AC is equal to first letters to do when two lines intersect each other then vertically opposite angles are equal to I can say that angle A is equal to Angle B vertically opposite angles are equal in two lines intersect each angle A and Angle B we can see that is equals to ODI angle C is equal to angle b and b is equals to AC is equals to write so by SAS property

say that triangle ABC is congruent to triangle be the triangle is congruent so we can AC AC is equal to BD as the Triangles are congruent ok to see this line is parallel to BD or with it is necessary it will not be necessary that AC in this could be like this because it is not given that is it is not a b is equal to ob is not the ab is not equal to 2 we can't say that AB is equals to see this is not give so we cannot see

these two lines are these two lines will be on the same is not to CD therefore this is not this

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