State if the given angles are coterminal. α=1850,β=5450 α=17π36,β161π36


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Sudha given question is that we have to check if the given angles are ko terminal and not SO before moving to the question latest understand what are coterminal angles so for that we have an angle theta with starting with the x-axis and ending at the term LT know there's another angle which is also starting at the x-axis and ending at this would Ne M angle Alpha this something similar about angle alpha and theatre they both started its access your common access and ends at the same terminal to use angles which start at same access and in that same terminal or known as your coterminal angles another point about coterminal angles is the difference of coterminal angles is equals to 360 degrees Alpha minus theta is equals to 3
60 degree or it can be a multiple of 360 degree this implies to buy where I can be your 12321 ok now we are going to use the same approach to solve this question we have the value of Alpha as 145 and M -45 taking the difference of Alpha minus beta is equals to 185 minus minus 5 45 degree and the value is your 7:30 and it is clearly not equals to 360 degree or a multiple of 360 degree this implies alpha and beta are not coterminal angles are not ko
terminal latest check the other example that is your Alpha is equal to 17 by 36 and beta ji of 16136 so taking the difference Alpha minus beta 5017 pi by 36 and the value of Beta is your 16136 161 bye-bye 36 and the answer comes out to be 144 Pi Anjali 144 is a multiple of 2 this implies alpha and beta are your terminal angles and this is the solution of the given question

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