Solve : (x+2y^3)dy/dx=y



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Updated On: 18-4-2021

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Solution :
This equation can be rewritten as <br> `(dx)/(dy) = 1/yx+2y^(2)` <br> or `(dx)/(dy) -1/y.x=2y^(2)`. <br> This is linear differential equation of the form `(dx)/(dy)+Px=Q`, where P and Q are function of y. <br> Here, I.F.`e^(-int1/ydy)= e^(-logy)=1/y` <br> `therefore` Solution is `x1/y=int1/y2y^(2)dy+C` <br> `rArr x/y=y^(2)+C` <br> `rArr x=y^(3)=cy`



00:00 - 00:59hello friends 2 question is solve X + 2 y cube into DY by DX is equal to Y so the given differential equation is X + 2 y cube to DY by DX is equal to Y we will find DY by DX DY by DX will be equal to Y divided by X + 2 Y to a noun taking the reciprocal will get DX upon the Y is equals to 2 y cube + X / or we can write this as direct second year B Y is equals to 2 y square + X upon Y take the stomach S Vai to learn some sites will get DX upon 2 minus one upon Y Into X is equals to 2 y square is given equation this equation
01:00 - 01:59delete sapon D Y + p x is equals to q where p and q are only functions of by such type of equations these are known as linear differential equations engineer we can see that the value of P is minus one upon y and the value of Q is to y square number solving Sach linear differential equation forcely will find the integrated integrating factor will be equal to e raised to the power integral of PD why the value of P here is minus one upon Y - we can take out of this will become a raised to the power minus integral of 1 by Vaidya why this will be equal to e raise to the power minus integration of DY will be log of ok so now we can using the properties of love we can write this as a raised to the power log of Y inverse
02:00 - 02:59that will be equal to 1 upon Y ok all will get the integrating factor as if we have something e raised to the power of love and by then integrating factor will be equal to 1 by yah now the solution of such differential equation solution of such linear differential equation this is of the form y x x x x x integrating factor is equals to integral of x integrating factor X Y + I'm constantly SSC sunao here will put the values on putting the values x x integrating factor is one upon why is integral of value of Q is to Y squared x integrating factor is one upon Y Y + will have this constant see
03:00 - 03:59this will become a is equals to in this too is constant so we can take it out of this integration and integral of this one buy from denominator and numerator will cancel each other so will be left with wider Y + constant Si ok so this will become X by Y is equals to 2 X and also we know that integration of x raise to the power n is the power n + 1 divided by 1 + 1 + inconstancy to this integral of by the way I will have the answer as y square by 2 + constant see on further simplify this will get X by Y is equals to y square + constant c and others x y in both the sites we get X is equals to y yeah this is the required general solution of the given differential equation thanks for watching

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