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Application Of Derivatives


Show that the height of the cy...

Show that the height of the cylinder of maximum volume that can be inscribed in a sphere of radius `R` is `(2R)/(sqrt(3))` . Also find the maximum volume.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `text(Radius of the sphere = R. Let x be the diameter of the cylinder and h be the height)` <br> `text(Then ) h^2+x^2=(2R)^2=4R^2` <br> `text(volume of cylinder = ) pi (radius)^2(height)` <br> `V=pi (x/2)^2h` `=pi frac{x^2}{4}h` <br> `text(Substituting the values of )x^2 text( we get)` <br> `Volume = frac{1}{4}pih(4R^2-h^2)` <br> `V=pihR^2 - frac{pih^3}{4}` <br> `text(Differentiating wrt h)` <br> `frac{dV}{dh}=(piR^2)-(frac{pi}{4}3h^2)=piR^2-frac{3pi}{4}h^2` <br> `text(Putting ) frac{dV}{dh}=0` <br> `therefore piR^2-frac{3pi}{4}h^2=0` <br> `therefore frac{3pi}{4}h^2=piR^2` <br> `therefore h^2=frac{piR^2}{frac{3}{4}pi}` <br> `therefore h^2=frac{4R^2}{3}` <br> `therefore h=sqrt(frac{4R^2}{3})=frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}` <br> `text(Now, ) frac{d^2V}{dh^2}=0-frac{3pi}{4}2h=-frac{3pih}{2}` <br> `text(Since ) frac{d^2V}{dh^2}<0 text(for h =)frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}` <br> `therefore text(Volume is maximum for h = ) frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}` <br> `text(Maximum volume V = )pihR^2 - frac{pih^3}{4}` <br> `V=piR^2frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}-frac{pi}{4}times(frac{2R}{sqrt(3)})^3` <br> `V=piR^2frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}-piR^2frac{2R}{3sqrt(3)}` <br> `V= piR^2frac{2R}{sqrt(3)}(1-frac{1}{3})` <br> `V=piR^2frac{2R}{sqrt(3)} times frac{2}{3}` <br> `V=frac{4piR^3}{3sqrt(3)} text(cubic units)`


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