Of all the articles in a box, 80% are satisfactory, while 20% are not. The probability of
obtaining exactly five good items out of eight randomly selected articles is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is D
Since the problem doesn't say how many articles are in the box, we must assume
that it is an unlimited number. The probability of picking 5 satisfactory items
(and therefore 3 unsatisfactory ones) is (0.8)5(0.2)3 , and there are 85 way of doing this.
Therefore, the desired probability is 85(0.8)5(0.2)3=0.147


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question of all the articles in a box 80% are satisfactory by 20% are not the probability of obtaining exactly 5 good items out of it randomly selected articles is so we need to find out the probability that out of 8 randomly selected articles 5 of them are good and the given that 80% of all the articles and books are satisfactory what we have been told us how many articles are there in upper right we don't know what the total number of articles is so what will do if there is will assume that even after taking out it randomly selected items the number of articles in the box remains relatively unchanged at so that we can use the same property again and again Tu lekin define the events first let a be the event that an article drawn
is satisfactory this is just one article on a compliment will be events that and article drawn is not satisfactory Nobita song we already have the probabilities probability of drawing a satisfactory atom is 80% 280 percentage 8100 which we can write R 0.8 right and similarly the probability of a complement is 20% 0.2 know what you need here is the probability of event be even be states that it
is invent that out of 8 articles from 5 are satisfactory event in Probability we need to find out article 75 of satisfactory so what we can do for us to find out the possibility we can use the properties of a and a compliment what degree is happening there is there are eight separate experiments taking place at VR drawing one article 8 times article we are doing that draw a times out of this 8 x 5 of them were required the item drawn to be
satisfactory and raised three times we wanted to be unsatisfactory that way this event the conditions of this event are satisfied and become the favourable ok right probability of event B can be written as the probability of the probability of event A5 time so that five of them are satisfactory articles and then again X probability of a complement three times the other three of them are satisfactory articles water basically dangerous taking 5 occurrences of
event am3 occurrences of event a complement This can happen in any order write the order does not matter all of them will be favourable conditions Tujhse just one of those orders how many different types how many number of orders a possible that can be counted by 835 combination of five elements out of a group of 8 so we can get how many possible combinations of positions of these five satisfactory articles is possible out of the whole group of eight articles selected so what you can do here is this is multiplied with this right so what we can write the saddest 85 times probability of a to the
fifth par x probability of a complement to the right now this so you desire to get 0.8 the power 5 x 0.2 ^ 3 and discrete C5 conditioners 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 whole divided by 12 22 23 24 n25 process in this forum 5 get cancelled directly and 2 and 3 get transfer with 6 developed with 8 x 7 which is 56 56 times point 8 to the power is zero point
32768 again X point 22 the third parties which is 0.00 know when you multiply all these numbers we get the value 0.14 6 8 at this can be rounded to 0.147 this is the final answer no comparing the options I can see that option d is correct

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