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Let f(x)a n dg(x) be two function having finite nonzero third-order derivatives f'''a n dg''' for all x in Rdot If f(x)g(x)=1 for all x in R , then prove that f'''(/)f^(prime)-g'''^(/)g^(prime)=3(f''^(/)f-g''^(/)g)dot



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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We have f(x) g(x)=1. Differentiating with respect to x, <br> We get <br> `f'g)+fg'=0" (1)"` <br> Differentiating (1) w.r.t. x, we get <br> `f''g+2f'g'+fg''=0" (2)"` <br> Differentaintg (2) w.r.t x, we get <br> `f''g+g'''f+3f''g+3g''f'=0` <br> `"or (f''')/(f')(fg')+(fg')(g''')/(g')(f'g)+(3f'')/(f)(f'g)+(3g'')/(g)(fg')=0" [Using (1)]"` <br> `"or "((f''')/(f')+(3g'')/(g))(f'g)=-((g''')/(g')+(3f'')/(f))(f'g)` <br> `"or "-((f''')/(f')+(3g'')/(g))(fg')=((g''')/(g')+(3f'')/(g))fg'" [Using (1)]"` <br> `"or "(f''')/(f')+(3g'')/(g)=(g''')/(g')+(3f'')/(f)` <br> `"or "(f''')/(f')-(g''')/(g')=3((f'')/(f)-(g'')/(g))`



00:00 - 00:59coaching says that that affection gxr250 having finite non zero Third Order derivatives that is AC triple dash and dash for all X belongs to real numbers and if FX in 2G x is equal to one for all X belongs to real number then we have to prove this equation Sofia been given that FX in 2G x is equal to 1 now we differentiate it was held with respect to X we get f dash G plus ji dash have equal to zero this can be our first equation no again differentiating it with respect to X we get f double dash ji + f dash dash plus ji double dash f plus ji
01:00 - 01:59f dash equal to zero now from here it is equal to f double Daisy and this plus this is two times of FDI ji dash plus ji double dash ft equal to zero and differentiating at this equation with respect to X we get f triple dash ji + F double dash dash + 2 x of have Double dash dash plus plus ji triple dash app and + cash ft equal to zero we apply simple chain rule here now from here it is equal to have tripled Ash ji + Z triple dash f plus three times
02:00 - 02:59of f double dash dash + 3 x of f dash dash equal to zero from this equation we can find the value of g that is equal to from first value of g is minus 3 X upon have into a point at dash and also will find the value of f that is equal to minus f dash ji upon not putting this two values in this situation we get triple dash of G is minus ji dash upon have dash flash ji triple dash f is minus fdsg upon G dash + 3
03:00 - 03:59x of f double Dash energy resources - has dash ji upon this value of g distributed from here that is minus x of f dash ji upon X + 3 x of ji double dash and dash is equal to FG dash - of FZ S G Sudheesh equal to minus of ji dash upon G equal to zero now this becomes a dash of f dash into now
04:00 - 04:59this is minus sign will become plus if you take -1 so this is ji dash app + ji triple dash upon ji dash and dash G plus 3 f double dash of upon app f dash G plus three G Shock g g dash of f equal to zero not taking come on sometimes are called in common like this from this and this zedocef can take can be taken common we get have triple dash of a cache + L3 cache ji from here this terms can be taken common that is f dash ji so we left with ji triple Dasha Fauji dash plus
05:00 - 05:59three years old I S F equal to zero now from first equation we can say that f dash is this equation is minus of this and this will go that site so in place of this we can write in place of this we can write - of g f from first so this will become now ji dash f and G are taken common this will become have tripled Ash upon have dash + 3G double dash upon ji - ji triple dashicon ji dash minus 3 upon app equal to
06:00 - 06:590 9 from here we can easily right that this will go that had to become zero and now every field i s f dash - ji triple Dasha Kaun ji dash is equal to this will this 2012 ko that side and become 3F double dash upon app -3 ji double dash are upon ji now after taking three common we get Taken 3 comment from here we get have Double Dash on F minor ji double dash account required answer hence proved

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