Kayla drove from Bayside to Chatham at a constant speed of 21 miles per hour and then returned along the same route from Chatham to Bayside. If her average speed for the entire journey was 26.25 miles per hour, at what average speed, in miles per hour, did Kayla return from Chatham to Bayside ?



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Updated On: 7-6-2020

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Here's another great example of how structuring the data in a question is often the most important step in the solution , once you're imposed order on the situation described in a question stem, actually getting to the answer is often merely a matter of putting the right numbers in the right places, and calculating with care. <br> The question requires two formulas. First is the rate formula, which is applied to two different legs of a journey : <br> `{:(,"rate",xx,"time",=,"distance"),("B to C","_____",,"_____",,"_____"),("C to B","_____",,"_____",,"_____"):}` <br> Second is the average speed formula : Average speed `=("Total distance")/("Total time")`. First consider which slotes you can fill in Rate `xx` Time = Distance. Notic that you're given a rate for the trip from B to C, and you know that the distance going - which you can call d - is the same as the distance returning. Call the rate from C back to B r. Notic that now is not the time to do much with the 26.25. One of the most important lessons to lears about the Math 2 test is when to use which numbers, 26.25 will be important later : <br> `{:(,"rate",xx,"time",=,"distance"),("B to C"," 21",,"_____",," d"),("C to B"," r",,"_____",," d"):}` <br> Given these values and variables, you can express the time going and the time returning : <br> `{:(,"rate",xx,"time",=,"distance"),("B to C"," 21",,(d)/(21),," d"),("C to B"," r",,(d)/(r ),," d"):}` <br> Now use the average speed formula. Notic the algebra that follows may be a little mechanically intricate, but it is not conceptually overwhelming : `("total distance")/("total time")=` <br> `=(2d)/((d)/(21)+(d)/(r ))` <br> `=(2d)/((dr)/(21r)+(21d)/(21r))` <br> `=(2d)/((dr+21d)/(21r))` <br> `=(2d)/((d(r+21))/(21r))` <br> `=2d xx (21r)/(d(r+21))` <br> `=(42dr)/(d(r+21))` <br> `=(42r)/(r+21)` <br> Now is the time to bring in the 26.25, which you're given to be the average speed for the entrie journey. Use it to solve for r, the answer : <br> `26.25=(42r)/(r+21)` <br> `26.25r+(26.25)(21)=42r` <br> `26.25r+551.25 = 42r` <br> `551.25 = 15.75r` <br> `(551.25)/(15.75)=r` <br> `35 = r` <br> The answer is (D).



00:00 - 00:59this is a question that Kila drove from basic to shut up at a constant speed of 21 miles per hour and then return along the same route from starting to get for average speed for the entire journey was 26.2 5 mph at what average speed in mph return from just so firstly important it is important to know this one formula which is distance time is equal to be represented by DTS which leads to distance is equal to speed into time same expression just given in different forms are given a lot of information in this question what you will first it is present in
01:00 - 01:59systematic point distance crime and note this down are the three values b2c which is basic to certain state to be with his back from starting to decide and total sum partition in the distance from basic to shut up is given by the the time taken from basic to shut up you'll actually find by dividing this formula can also be extended to t is equal to buy as defined
02:00 - 02:59by dividing at which is its speed is given to as 21 miles per hour the time will be nothing but the by 21 distance from Saturn Tu basa to be the same De resume that the speed is she is returning at this is not given to us in the question is then we get time as De bye and now we know this thing back the total the average speed the total distance of boat trips can be added that time can speed cannot be added because they've travel for different amount of time so we need to calculate the average using formula and we cannot just directly at this will be
03:00 - 03:5921 + B by R we know that the average for the entire journey was 26.2 520 6.25 this remember that we cannot just 221 + are equal to 26.5 Rs 5.2 actually find the average using the formula so what I mean by this we will use this this formula to find the value of this enhance the final goal to find the value of in mph of Return journey speed of Return journey so what I mean by this is if we take distance by air time which is
04:00 - 04:592D by D B 21 + B by are equal to 26.2 by now what we can see here is the what we can see here is something that if this we tried to simplify this weekend Rider 2D / RD + 21 D by 21 taking LCM of these two and just combining the fraction 26.2 Suna Ho what we will do this we will take the common in the denominator so that we can cancel talks with the numerator
05:00 - 05:592D / d x 8 + 21 by 21 hours equal to 20 6.25 DND cancel of sunao what happens is that what happens is this we can write it we can take it to the other side and what we can do is take it to the other sites to become too is equal to 26.25 into our + 21 / 21 are again what is can be done this 21 out of the opposite side 21 x 2 equal to 20 6.25 x h +
06:00 - 06:5920 what do you do is open up all the brackets show opening of all the bracket when actually Nivas 42ah equal to 20 6.25 + 26.2 5 into 21 and if we calculated with calculator 50 1.25 this is what we get what we will do now is take this 58 the sun and you get it 2 - 20 6.25 2550 1.25 which is 15.75 51.2
07:00 - 07:595250 1.25 15 points which we use a calculator to be important that the value of earth which was which was the speed travel from our return journey from Saturn 235 gotten it is it is equal to 35 so now we will bring it back and we will choose option which size is equal to 30

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