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inside the circles x^2+y^2=1 t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`sqrt(2) (sqrt(2)-1)``sqrt(3)(2-sqrt(3))``sqrt(2)(2-sqrt(3))``sqrt(3)(sqrt(3)-1)`

Answer : B
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> We have `AC = 2a` <br> and `OA = OC =1 -a` (since circles are touching internally) <br> Since `DeltaABC`is equilateral, we have <br> `:. /_AOC = 120^(@)` <br> Using cosine rule, we have <br> `cos 120^(@) = ((1-a)^(2)+(1-a)^(2)-(2a)^(2))/(2(1-a)(1-a))` <br> `rArr -(1)/(2) =(-a^(2)-2a+1)/((1-a)^(2))` <br> `rArr a^(2)-2a +1 =2a^(2) +4a -2` <br> `rArr a^(2)+6a -3 =0` <br> `rArr a = (-6+sqrt(48))/(2) = sqrt(3) (2-sqrt(3))`

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welcome to download so this is the question inside the circle X square + Y square is equal to 1 2 3 circles of equal radius a tangent to each other and to assess the value of a = 2 option one root 2 root 2 minus 1 into root 3 by 2 minus root 3 option 3 root 2 minus root 3 root 3 root 3 minus one so as we know there are circle with radius a so this would be a this would be a this should be a this would be a corner radius this is the radius from be a it is of length is already Saja of equal length a correct so we can find anyone

I am considering a Si I would have considered BC I would have considered a v depending upon your some considering AC AC is equal to a + a witness to a correct so Aaj Vinod equation of the circle which touches X square + Y square is equal to 1 this is the equation of circle equation of the circle is big circle correct so how do we represent equation of circle equation of circle is given by x minus 1 whole square + Y - ke whole square is equal to R square where H and K are the centre coordinates Centre coordinates in Rs

200 radius is 1 and which represents radius of the circle it is represented by the centre point So A plus this from here he will get the radius so considering the radius is one of the correct by this I can find the centre point sah00 and the radius radius equal to 1 this distance would be this distance for B1 - a correct so they would be equal to a would be equal to bosi correct equal to 1 minus Cos each is equal everything is equal to so

ko is equal to AC is equal to 1 minus sin the triangle is equilateral prism very side is equal triangle is equilateral show by applying the cosine rule we can find that the whole triangle is of 360 degrees correct 360 Sudheesh angle angle would be angle angle A would be for example this is 3030 would be 120 correct so I can find that angle is equal to 120 degree so using the cosine rule using cosine rule I can

find cos 120 degrees equal to cos 120 degrees equal to 1 - a whole square which is a square class 1 + a square minus 2 a whole square upon 1 minus a one plus 8 character Faisal this what is the value of cos 120 degrees nothing but minus 1 by 2 minus 1 by 2 is equal to minus A square minus 2 A + 1 upon voice of 1 - a whole square correct so I have cut the two from above so I get 1 - a whole square

sunao transportation simplify this word do I get I get a square minus 2 Y + 1 is equal to 2 X square + 4 Y - to solve it for the word do I get I get a square + 6 minus 3 is equal to zero 35 use the discriminant formula which is nothing but is equal to b square - 4ac and what is the fact factors of this it is nothing but a minus b plus minus root 3 upon 2 way just plug in the formula I get the fact that is equal to minus 6 + root 48 upon two way to a simplified for their what do I get I get

2 root 3 minus 3 Y can take root 3 common root 3 equal to minus root 3 so let me check which option is correct option I am getting root 3 2 minus root 3 root 3 2 minus root 3 so option to is correct option to the answer I hope you and your destination thank you

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