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In Figure, QPR=PQR and M and N are respectively on sides QR and PR of PQR such that QM=PN . Prove that OP=OQ, where O is the point of intersection of PM and QN.



in figure is equal to angle pqr PQ and PR triangle pqr such that u m equal to have to prove that up equal to where is the point of intersection of PM and what is given to us that angle QPR this angle QPR are equal to angle p q q and q is equal to given in the creation and we have to prove that op is equal to go to prove letter person will take triangle pnq and triangle pmq so in triangle
triangle p-n-p-n equal to q and it is given in the question next week you will be equal to PQ as it is the common side and lastly angle is equal to angle pqr it is also given in the question that this angle is equal to this angle to buy essays criteria we can say that by side angle side congruence rule that triangle
is congruent to triangle if these two Triangles are congruent I can say that angle P and Q will be equal to angle p m q that this angle tnq this angle will be equal to this I buy a pity that corresponding parts of congruent Triangles are equal to now we will take triangle P and Q angle angle of all angle equal to angle Q M V just proved it so
one angle p o n and angle Q are vertically opposite angle so angle equal to angle because they are vertically opposite angles so this angle equal to this angle and lastly in equal to Q in as it is given in the question from the triangle porn2 triangle by angle angle congruence rule two Triangles are equal I can say that op is equal to
cpct only 4 equal to


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