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Congruence Of Triangles


In Fig 7.31, DA _|_ AB, CB _|_...

In Fig 7.31, `DA _|_ AB, CB _|_ AB and AC = BD`. State the three pairs of equal parts in `Delta ABC and Delta DAB`. Which of the following statements is meaningful? (i) `Delta ABC [\_cong?] Delta BAD` (ii) `Delta ABC [\_cong?] ABD`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The three pairs of equal parts are:<br> `/_ABC = /_BAD (= 90^@)`<br> `AC = BD ` (Given)<br> `AB = BA` (Common side)<br> From the above, `/_\ABC cong /_\BAD ` (By `RHS` congruence rule).<br> So, statement `(i)` is <b>true</b><br> Statement `(ii)` is not meaningful, in the sense that the correspondence among the vertices is not satisfied.


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so here we have been given that D is perpendicular to ab that is considered a is perpendicular to A B and C B is perpendicular to so this is a CD that is perpendicular to ab and it is given to us that AC is equals to BD and we have to state the three pairs of equal parts in triangle abc and triangle DAV ok and we have to tell which of the following statement is meaningful that is in first part is given to a triangle ABC is congruent to triangle b a d and S is triangle ABC is congruent to triangle sofas will be stating three pairs of equal parts in triangle abc and triangle DAV So In triangle ABC and triangle DAV I can see that angle A

request to angle that is 90 degrees ok so angle is equal to Angle B and C is equals to BD that is given to a fair ok so we can write here as each 90 degrees and a sequel to bid is given in insert statement will be a b is equals to be a here you can write this as a b is basically it was to be a that is common between these two Triangles so by RHS congruence rule by RHS congruence rule so are is basically a right angle ok and HS hypotenuse that is a sequel

BD so this is our hypotenuse ok and assess any site that is equal ok so according to RHS congruence rule triangle ABC is congruent to triangle B.Ed ok so this is given to us as first statement which is which is meaningful and second statement is given to us in second statement it is given to us a triangle ABC is congruent to triangle ab so in order to see this statement will be first thing the figure Sohail

date in triangle D in triangle abc D is corresponding to angle that the vertex is corresponding to a vertex of triangle D A B and C vertex of triangle ABC is corresponding to the vertex of triangle DAV so that means and here you can see that it is given to other is corresponding to A and B corresponding to B and C is corresponding to day as you can see that this is so here you can see that is corresponding to be and its corresponding to a which is not true so that means this is the statement is not meaningful as

S W X Y is corresponding to buttocks buttocks be of triangle ABC D so vertex of triangle ABC

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