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In Delta ABC, AB = AC and the bisectors of angles B and C intersect at point O. Prove that : <br> (i) BO = CO <br> (ii) AO bisects angle BAC.



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Updated On: 2-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hi let's start the question question says that in triangle ABC AB is equals to AC and the bisectors of the angle B and C intersect at point O prove that first part B is equals to see you and second part you bisects Angle B A in this question it this is a figure triangle ABC in the triangle A B and ac are equal it was this triangle ABC is isosceles triangle and it saying that the bisector of angle this is Angle B and B if we draw the bisector of Angle B and bisector of angle illustrate the bisector means bisector means what dividing a angles into two equal parts means this part is equal to this part similarly bisector of angle C means this part is equal to this part this device
01:00 - 01:59line beats at point we have to prove that angle B to prove that B U and so are equal means this line BU line segment BOI line segments so let's start the solution in triangle ABC ABC ABC is equal to AC it is given in the question that a b and ac are equal if angle A B and ac are equal there for angle abc equal to angle ACB reason is what reason is that sides sorry angle opposite to angles opposite to equal sides are equal equal sides are equal sides ab and ac
02:00 - 02:59therefore angle abc and angle ACB are also equal now we have to do the bisector of this at two angles we are drawing the bisector lines view and OC bisector means half of the triangle so doing half doing half on both side so half of angle abc will be equal to half of angle ACB because if you're performing same operation on both side of equation and there is no effect on the value of equation for half of angle abc is what angle abc angle which is equal to angle AOC this is our equation number to know if you look at Triangle in triangle abc angle BOC will be
03:00 - 03:59because from equation to because in equation to it is clearly given that these two angle angle BOC this angle is equal to this angle of these two Triangles are equal then sides opposite to equal angles are equal to b is equal to the first part of your question is root now let's move to the second part in second part we have to prove that a bisects angle BAC this is our angle BAC we have to prove that this line is bisecting this angle into two equal parts we can do this by proving triangle ABC and triangle ABC is congruent if we prove this two Triangles are congruent then we can say that the corresponding parts of congruent Triangles are equal
04:00 - 04:5916 se start the solution here this is our first part now let's move to the second part in triangle abc and triangle if this is a question number 3 if you look at the triangle ABC AB is equal to AC it is given in the question you is equals to a it is common in both the Triangles is equals to this part is common in the question and b is equals to 2 is equals to OC from equation 3V just have to prove that BD is equal
05:00 - 05:59so clearly we can see that 33 corresponding sides of both Triangles are equal therefore triangle ABC is congruent to triangle by the rule side side side know if two Triangles are equal then the corresponding parts of both the Triangles are equal from here BA from here we can say that angle b is equal to angle by cpct corresponding parts of congruent equal these two Triangles are equal therefore say that A bisects Angle B A I hope this answers your question thank you

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