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In a triangle ABC, B=1050,C=500, Find A



hello I hope you are fine is a letter start with the question what is given in the question in a triangle ABC ok so we have been given a triangle which is abc angle B and angle b is equal to 105 degree and Angle C is equal to 50 degrees and we have to find what is the measure angle A what is the value of angle ok so what was the latest on the triangle so there is one triangle name ABC this is on 29 the sorry ok so this is a triangle will need this triangle as a b and c ok and we have been given that angle b is equals to 105 degree angle C
is equals to 50 degree ok so we have to find measure angle A we don't know ok so as we know that there is a property of a triangle that sum of sum of all the angles sum of all the angles Hina triangle is equal to 180 degree that is in a triangle ABC measure angle A + Angle B + measure angle C is equal to 180 degree ok so what things has been given to us we have been given we have been given we have to find measuring releasable right is right it as it is measure angle b is given as 105 degree and measuring AC is given is 50 degree that is equal to 180 degree right so
measure angle A Love Story will address 105 + 50 is 155 degree is equal to 180 degrees so measure angle A will be equal to the for measuring a will be 180 degree minus of 155 degree so that is equals to measure angle is equal to 180 - 15525 your final answer is 25 degree ok so measure angle A is equal to 25 is our required answer so this is a required answer ok Subah right here in place of question mark now we can write here is what is equals to 25 detail right I hope that I have cleared out and also clear your concern with my video thank you very much


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