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If two intersecting chords of ...

If two intersecting chords of a circle make equal angles with the diameterpassing through their point of intersection, prove that the chords are equal


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Draw perpendicular to chords AB and CD<br> `OL_|_CD and ON_|_AB`<br> `/_MLO and/_MNO`<br> `/_OLM=/_ONM`<br> `/_LMO=/_NMO`<br> `OM=OM`<br> `/_MLO cong /_MNO`<br> OL=ON<br> If two chods are equidistant from centre, Then two chods will be equal AB=CD.


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hello guys doing question is if two intersecting chords of a circle make equal angles with the diameter passing through their point of intersection prove that the chords are equal so I have found this figure raid point Evil intersect with the diameter of these two chords make equal angles with the diameter of a cube is equal to Angle B equal this is now here we have dropped two perpendicular this is a construction needed for l&m these are the two perpendicular sweet dropped from the centre construction draw perpendicular

from to ab and CD ok Constructions name them well and poem two perpendicular now let's see in this Triangle in triangle oel E and triangle o m e o n this together Kareena ka in Tirunelveli we have given equal to the angle A and angle b is equal to 90 degree triangle at supply the angle sum property that is the angle

triangle angle A + angle Hill + angle b is equal to 180 degrees is 90 degree angle angle angle angle and its name this angle has to this hello is angle 1 and this is angle A and Angle B L + 91 equal to 180 degrees so angle triangle one will be equal to 90

minus angle o l ok and similarly triangle angle to similarly we will follow this process so your angle to will come out to be 90 degree minus angle we follow the same processor so this angle to comes out to be equal to 90 now we are given by requesting equals to m is equal to do so where we can see from where we can see this angle 1 equal to angle to these are the equal angle track 1 from to act

1 from to main gate angle to minus angle 1 equals to 90 - 90 minus angle A + angle m is equal to cut ok so this also cut so angle 1 equal to angle to Galaxy in triangle abc and triangle abc angle B = 22 largest river of Angle B equal to angle m natak given and the side is

equal to that is the common side side now in Triangles by a is a property AC congruency we can see we should Triangles are congruent triangle is congruent to triangle hu me now by congruent parts of congruent Triangles by cpct we can say why cbct vacancy at the well well equals to oem equals to oem now if you see here and oval equals to oem the distance of the chord from the centre of when the distance of the

glucose from centre is equal to discord sorry property says equal distance chords are equal equal distance chord chord from the centre of the property is the distance code from centres are equal Shoaib equal to CD that's what we have to prove that the two cores are equal to cos theta equal ok so hands proof thank you

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